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SET provides a broad spectrum of near-real time data describing the solar-terrestrial environment. Real-time and forecast data are available as a service from SET. Original as well as value-added data have a latency ranging from 5 minutes to 24 hours, and a cadence ranging from 1 minute to 24 hours. Below are selected indices related to space weather, both from SET partners and SET value-added indices. Premier SET operational services offer forecasts from the current epoch to 6-hours at a 1-minute cadence, to 72-hours at a 3-hour cadence, and to 137 days at a daily cadence. Click on the panels and images for additional information or expanded views.

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Lomnický štít, normalized to 100% level reached in September 1986
Oulu Neutron Monitor
IEP SAS Neutrons IEP SAS Neutrons
Neutron Monitor at Lomnický štít is supported by the IEP SAS in Košice and by the project APVV-15-0194 Oulu Neutron data is provided by Sodankla Geophysical Observatory (, and is acquired via the Neutron Monitor Database (NMDB,