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Space Environment Technologies and it's partners offer expertise that includes the following models and data (See: Space Environment Definitions)

  • SIP - or solar, ionosphere, and thermosphere users, the Solar Irradiance Platform is a standalone application that operates on any machine and produces the variable, full solar spectrum along with many solar indices for historical, nowcast, and forecast time frames.

  • MAPS - or magnetic index users, the Magnetosphere Alert and Prediction System is under development and initially will provide a realtime and forecast USGS Dst index.

  • GAPS – for GEO satellite system users, the Geosynchronous Alert and Prediction System provides realtime and forecast sunlight and shade surface charging conditions and deep dielectric discharge probabilities.

  • LAPS – for LEO satellite system users, the LEO Alert and Prediction System initially provides the realtime JB2008 thermosphere densities.

  • SODA – for LEO satellite system users, the Satellite Orbital Drag Applications provides information on satellite drag issues.

  • CAPS – for communication and satcom users, the Communication Alert and Prediction System provides realtime and forecast HF communication, MUF(3000), and foF2 global and regional conditions along with the S4 scintillation index forecast for 6 hours.

  • RAPS – for aviation users, the Radiation Alert and Prediction System is under development and initially will provide a realtime dose and dose equivalent for radiation at aviation altitudes that is created by cosmic rays and solar energetic particles.


Space environment domain Photons Particles Fields
Galactic & Heliospheric Indices: mu, g_factor neutral: H, He charged: GCR models: MASTER, ORDEM standards: ISO 15390:2004  

Current indices: F107 F10_81 Lya Lya_81 E107 E10_81 S Qeuv Rsn Tinf Peuv E1_40 E162 XE107 Seuv S54b S81c S0F10 S0F81 Esrc MgIIc/w Mg107 Mg54b Mg81c F54b E30_70 Ly-a mu g_factor Lyman_a_c J_H_I J_He_I J_He_II Xb10 Xhf Five-Cycle Indices.txt (Five-Cycle (same as Current indices) irradiances: I(lambda,t), Lya, Lya_81, Lyman_a_c, 26-34, 1-50, S radiances: 30.4, 28.4, 171.5 systems: SIP PG, SIP SY, APEX(SOHO/SEM), IDAR, CAPS, ES4D

Standards: ISO 21348:2007, ISO DIS 15856, ASTM E490

Current indices: Kp/Ap, Dst charged particles: p, alpha, e models: HAF standards: ISO DIS 15856-E models: HAF standards: ISO DIS 15856 solar wind: B models: HAF
Terrestrial aeronomy: Peuv, Qeuv Near surface (troposhere-mesosphere) systems: NAIRAS (aviation radiation) main magnetic models: IGRF magnetospheric models: A95 standards: ISO DIS 22009
LEO(thermosphere-exosphere) neutral: rho, Tinf models: JB2006, JB2008, NRLMSIS-00, MET,1DTD systems: LAPS (satellite drag) standards: ISO WD 11225
LEO (ionosphere) charged: ne, TEC models: GAIM, IFM, IRI systems: CAPS (HF, scintillation) standards: ISO TS 16457
Radiation belts charged: AE8, AP8
GEO (plasmasphere, magnetotail) charged: e1, T1, e2, T2 systems: GAPS (satellite charging)
Lunar surface standards: ISO WD 10788, ISO WD 10905
Planetary Jupiter: H Saturn: aurora